About me

On June 24th 1971 I stepped into this amazing world in Haguenau, France.

Though we moved a lot during the first few years of my life, I was allowed to spend most of my childhood and school years in the foothills of the Black Forest.
For our local church I worked as a volunteer at the “Elisabethenheim”, a home for the elderly. There I met an incredible lady, formerly a physiotherapist, who taught me the art of massage and respect for the human body.

Corinne und ihr Blindenhund ChanelWhen I was 14 years old, after some little accidents and problems at school, I was diagnosed with RP (retinopathia pigmentosa), a hereditary eye disease which causes degeneration of the retina followed by blindness. Inevitably, I went through all stages of trauma from total denial, trying to ignore it, being angry at myself and the whole unfair world all the way to finally accepting it and now seeing the positive side of it.

I graduated from the “Freie Universität” of Berlin in North American Studies and Sociology in 2001, but then came back to my childhood interest in medicine. I went to health practitioner schools, did some practical work, got training in specific therapies and, after lots of learning and struggle, passed my exams as “Heilpraktiker” in 2009. Even though I passed all the exams I still wasn’t allowed to work in my profession and had to go through the courts to finally win the right in December 2012 to become Germany’s first blind health practitioner. It still took several more months and one more exam before in May 2013 I had the title “Heilpraktikerin”!

Since November 2010 I have been practicing in my own consultation room and cherish the work I am doing. I feel so lucky being able to live my dream and to continue to learn.

I wouldn't have been able to go through all those struggles, build and keep my business and cope with everyday problems alone. It is the help and support of my partner Ingrid, my sister, my good friends and my assistant that make my success possible.

And since October 2008 I have been even more fortunate as I have a new friend and helper at my side: Chanel my guide dog. As well as being very intelligent and playful, standard poodles have a huge advantage in that they don’t loose hair and cause very little allergic reaction. On the other hand, they love barking, so please don’t be scared!

One of the most important lessons, my mother taught me was:

Everyone is perfect, you must just find out what for