Treatment Methods

All of my treatment methods have in common that they fit in or belong to the medical teachings of Avicenna and the four element system of the Greek-Arabic philosophy tibb and that I can use them with full confidence. I will not use a treatment of which I haven't felt the positive effects myself and in which I thus don't have total confidence. As I love my work, I can only use tools I love.



Aromatherapy is a specialized part of phytotherapy, the art of healing plants. Essential oils are called the soul of a plant. This describes best their healing abilities - they can connect directly to our soul without having to pass though our mind. In addition, many essential oils have proven medical benefits. Using them in a massage oil or for inhalation I can touch body, mind and soul

Therapeutic touch


Under this heading I combine classical and intuitive massage therapy, stimulating acupressure, Korean hand-reflexology massage and the light touch of the cranio-sacral method.

A simple touch can be a blessing in itself, just by communicating care and compassion. Massaging a muscle helps not only to release pressure from an overworked body, but also lightens the mood. The rhythm of our cranio-sacral system, like the energy lines (meridians) found on our hands, shows the state of our internal harmony.

Cupping  / honey massage


Cupping is one of the most universally used traditional healing methods - it belongs to traditional Chinese medicine, to the healing, practiced in the middle ages in European monasteries as well as to South American healing traditions. It can be used all over the body either by placing a vacuum cup on special points of the body or by moving it along the muscles similar to a massage. I use both techniques according to the needs and abilities of the body before me.

Just like cupping, honey massage is a drainage therapy. In other words, when the skin is drawn and stretched, tenseness is reduced and the organic detritus between the muscle and skin is brought to the surface. Honey is applied directly to the skin and massaged into it. Energetic stretching of the skin then de-stresses both the fascia and the connective tissue.

Ear acupuncture


Rediscovered in France in the last century, the tradition had nearly been lost in China and partly survived in North Africa from where it came to Marseille. . Most of the time I will not use actual needles, but rather stick to acupressure with the help of little magnetic pearls.


Hand in einem Aquarium

In Ali Ibn Sina’s [Avicenna’s] eyes food was the basic cause of both health and disease. To eat right means to eat according to our temperaments, our needs, the time of the year, the time of the day. No healing method will work as long as we eat the wrong things at the wrong time. So this is always a central part of my treatments.


Zwei Figuren im Garten

This is in my view the most important part of my work - listening! The mind needs to find a way of expressing the feelings of our body and soul in a non-destructive way. Thus many symptoms can find relief as they have a safe way to be heard.


My holistic approach to human life is very much influenced by my upbringing in a Christian home, my belief in my guiding star Tara (Buddhist goddess whose name means star, in Arabic Najmah) and in the medical philosophy of the Greek-Arabic tradition explained to us by Avicenna [Ali Ibn Sina].

This medical tradition known as “tibb” incorporates the wisdom of the ancient Greek philosopher Galen, the healing traditions of Tibet, China, Persia, India and the Arab world with the scientific enquiry of Arab and Jewish doctors of the 9th and 10th centuries. It was adapted and further investigated in European monasteries in the middle ages by monks and nuns such as Hildegard von Bingen. In that way it survived up to our time, losing none of its power. When seeking an overall approach to my work I enthusiastically adopted this system.

We all know the four elements: earth, water, air and fire. With these as basic building blocks we are formed and we change. They keep us healthy but, when out of our personal balance, they make us ill.

Keeping that balance and, if necessary, rebuilding it require body, mind and soul, lots of intuition, belief and hard work. With my work I will try  to help you achieve this.


Please note:

The above procedures are not recognised by classical medicine, as their impact and effectiveness have not been scientifically established.